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We could talk about our incredible products or service all day, but our customers tell it better! Check out some of the feedback our customers have shared to get a firsthand account of shopping with Northeastern Tianeptine Supply.

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Quick response time and faster shipping!

I personally use the sodium for breakthrough pain and panic. Theres nothing else like it. Total relief in 5 minutes.

Miles Sumter

Attractive Young Woman

Awesome experience with NETS. Ryan is super helpful and informative.

I ordered the sulfate for general depression and ive never felt better. This stuff is really a lifesaver <3

Thanks NETS!

Veronica P.

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I cant emphasize enough how much tianeptine has helped me through the past year. Before i found it i was a wreck taking pain and anxiety meds just to get through the day. Now im free from that.

100% would recommend.
Helped me get my life back!

Rachael S.